Beach School

Taking inside learning, outside

Beach school enables children to learn about the natural world around them and helps to develop their practical and emotional skills.

This is a great way of learning for the more practical learners.

When on the beach the children do a range of activities that all fit in with their school curriculum, ranging from map reading to beach safety and much more.

At the Donkey Sanctuary

Going to the Donkey Sanctuary is a wonderful experience for the younger pupils in Acorns class.

We leave school at 10 o’clock and everyone enjoys the scenic journey to Sidmouth.

We see cows, sheep and lot’s of pigs!  Some of the pupils like to make a ‘pig’ sound!

When we arrive we are soon off the bus and exploring the brilliant facilities. We like the soft surface outside play area, the sensory room and inside area. The staff are always welcoming and the volunteers are all getting to know us.

We enjoy all the different sounds and smells. The donkey’s fur feels really strange to touch.

There are lots of different activities to do – posting objects, throwing objects into different coloured buckets and putting coits on stands.

Enjoying the outdoors at WOEC

In September 2014 Willow class had a six week taster at The Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre known as WOEC.

Archery tested our hand/eye co-ordination we tried some kayaking and some of us enjoyed the scenery!

We tried the outdoor climbing and the indoor

The sessions proved to be a great hit, with all pupils looking forward to their Thursday trips out. They pushed themselves every week to do things which they had never tried before. It was important to listen to our instructor telling us how to keep safe but still enjoy the activities. We are all hoping to go again soon.

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