Kelly Norton

Class Teacher

Willow Class – Mission Statement

Intent For all students in Willow Class to effectivity communicate with peers and adults; to be independent, responsible and resilient learners; to be motivated and inspired to learn; to feel safe, secure and happy to express emotions and feelings; to be respectful of self and others; to be able to use technology effectively to enhance their lives.

Implementation NC (& some SLD) Curriculum & MAPS Through a structured, differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all learners; through planned activities that excite and capture the imagination of pupils; daily opportunities to develop pupils’ communication skills; use of visuals to promote pupils’ understanding of expectations; structured play activities to develop pupils’ social skills; opportunities for pupils’ to develop self-care and independence; Computing lessons to develop pupils skills in using ICT confidently and effectively; therapy sessions to help pupils regulate themselves and be ready to learn.

Impact Pupils will feel happy, safe and secure and be able to engage fully with the curriculum and achieve their full potential. Pupils will have the skills to make informed choices and be ready for their next step in their education.

At Key Stage 1 and 2 we provide an exciting, challenging and motivating curriculum which focuses on National Curriculum subjects and it ensures relevance to the twenty-first century.  Pupils follow a 5 yr topic based curriculum that is based upon the Equals Schemes of Work.

Key Stage 1 and 2 enjoy the fantastic opportunities to explore their community and outdoor environment as extensions of the classroom and benefit from these to develop their skills.

Subject delivery includes English, Maths, Science, Computing, PE, ART, Music, Design & Technology, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and PSHE.  Pupils also access Weymouth Outdoor Activity Centre in Weymouth, Horse riding at Hill View Stables, local shops and libraries as part of their curriculum.

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