Carrie Shead-Jones

Carrie Shead-Jones

Class Teacher

Maple Class – Mission Statement

Intent To provide a safe, nurturing environment to enable pupils to develop independence, self-worth, maturity and confidence in order to participate in all classroom activities.

Implementation SLD & NC Curriculum & MAPS A curriculum and classroom environment that uses humour and fun to support children moving through the often difficult teenage years. Maple Class provides equal opportunities for all pupils to engage and participate in each lesson to their full capabilities.

Impact All pupils to demonstrate an understanding that it is okay to make a mistake, develop speech and language skills, and are compassionate to their peers, enabling pupils to develop into confident young teenagers.

Maple class is for our Key Stage 3 children. It is a fun, lively class where pupils all have the opportunity to reach their potential through differentiated and relevant tasks.

By the time our pupils reach Key Stage 3, we are encouraging them to be more independent and developing their confidence as they approach the teenage years.

The curriculum is very broad and gives each pupil the opportunity to find things out for themselves, using a range of quality resources.

We aim to provide the skills they will need for their future.  With a continual emphasis on core subject areas and all aspects of the new national curriculum.


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