Natalie Marsh

Laurel Class – Mission Statement

Intent To maximise our pupil’s ability to communicate. Develop the use of functional skills to aid independence and maintain and improve physical health.

Implementation MSI Curriculum & MAPS. We follow a multi-sensory curriculum which gives the pupils the opportunity to develop and explore functional skills through engaging activities and experiences, building on existing strengths and interests wherever possible.

Impact Our pupils are fulfilled, active learners following their own pathway through school, enabling the development of skills towards the Post-16 curriculum.

HLTA – Julie Sieg-Hogg

This mixed key stage class will provide a Total Communication, highly structured environment to support the students personalised learning. Whilst they continue to follow the subjects in the National Curriculum appropriate to their age, there is an emphasis on physical and sensory learning. Many students follow a MSI (Multi-Sensory) Curriculum within Cedar, which ensures their learning experiences are targeted, functional and meaningful to the individual.

Pupils will have inclusion where appropriate within key stage/ability groups. There will be a focus on nurture, behaviour awareness and management, sensory integration and therapy.

Pupils in Laurel will be given the structure and systems to enable them to access all learning opportunities.

Pupils in Laurel are all assessed using P Levels and National Curriculum Levels, alongside other tools which measure and celebrate progress including the MSI (Multi-Sensory) assessment.

Laurel Class Documents

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