Nathan Hall

Nathan Hall

Class Teacher

Katie Wilkinson

Katie Wilkinson

Class Teacher

Ash Class – Mission Statement

Intent Students are inspired to be as literate and as numerate as they can be. They are supported to become self-motivated and proud of their own achievements and plan personal goals to work towards.

Implementation The breadth and purposefulness of the KS4 curriculum in Ash aims to be engaging, relevant and challenging, it includes learning key skills for adulthood (eg. relationship and sex education). We aim to include a residential trip. It bridges the gap between KS3 and 6th Form. All students undertake ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges that focus on demonstrating skills gained through acquired knowledge..

Impact Ash students understand that an excellent learner: asks questions, makes mistakes and discovers..

Students in Ash class are mainly within Key Stage 4.  There is however, a focus on functional skills, employability and independent living.  Some students in either post 16 or Key Stage 3 who have been identified as needing this type of provision will also work within Ash, having inclusion as appropriate with their peers in the relevant key stages.

We hold inclusion as a high priority for students in Ash, whilst some will have inclusion with peers within school, others have inclusion within the mainstream school on the shared campus.  This includes a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, PE and Drama among others.

The students in Ash will study a range of subjects within their curriculum alongside developing functional skills in daily independent Living and Learning skills for work.


Students in Ash class are assessed using the Steps4Life Assessment framework and functional skills

Where students study vocational units, developing employability skills or/and Independent life skills, accreditation will be used to work towards recognised qualifications.

Students will be encouraged to take ownership of their learning, and develop their own portfolios of work.


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