Head Teacher Gill Howard announces Good Ofsted Report

'The child is at the centre of everything the school does'.

Please read our latest Ofsted report which is summed up by parent comments collected by the inspector: 'Excellent, supportive environment' and 'Marvellously gentle, kind and nurturing'.

Ofsted has judged the curriculum as 'ambitious and well-planned' and identified that it is 'bespoke to the needs of the pupil'. Whilst we are striving to improve subject leader monitoring, impacted by the 'COVID years', we are enormously proud of the achievement of the children and young people who attend Mountjoy captured in this quote:

'Pupils love to attend and appreciate everything adults do for them. Pupils spoke in detail about the work adults do to ensure they become as independent as they can. Pupils enjoy their learning and aspire to be the best they can be. They talked with enthusiasm about the learning opportunities adults provide. Pupils appreciate the range of additional activities... which they attend with excitement. A wide range of trips and visitors to the school complement and enhance the curriculum.'

Ofsted Report