Mountjoy School has signed up to the Eco-Schools project. The Eco-Schools project empowers children and young people to improve our environment

In 2019 we achieved a bronze Eco-Schools award and for 2020 we’re moving up a gear to aim for a silver award.

To achieve this, we have to act on the action plan that we put together to get the bronze award, come up with a school eco-code and get as many of the Mountjoy community (including parents) involved in eco-friendly activities.

The eco mindset is very closely linked to Mountjoy’s rights respecting work so we join both sets of values in daily school life to give our pupils the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and be responsible, active citizens.  

We asked some of eco-committee members why they thought becoming more aware of our environment was important.
This is what they said:

‘We shouldn’t throw litter because it might harm creatures’

‘Mountjoy has stopped using plastic glitter to be more eco-friendly and has moved over to using biodegradable glitter to help the animals and turtles’

‘We need to turn lights off when not in rooms so that we don’t waste electricity’

‘The earth will suffer if we don’t become more green’

We’d love to hear from parents/carers if you’re making changes to become more environmentally friendly.  Please send an email to and include pictures and drawings to tell us about your eco activities.

The Eco committee meets regularly you can request recent meeting minutes from and include pictures and drawings to tell us about your eco activities

You can see the most recent Eco committee meeting minutes here 

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