Kids Action Team (KAT) Groups – a new approach to pupil voice and School Council

KAT groups are a whole school inclusive approach to a School Council. They aim to help pupils feel part of a whole school community and give them awareness of their own voice as a tool to influence events and changes.

KAT groups change each year and meet once every half term. Pupils are asked, in their class groups to discuss and submit ideas for the year’s groups – these ideas can be as diverse as the children in the school and range from sports clubs, to hobby activities, and community inspired projects.

The idea sheets are submitted to the Deputy Headteacher, who then decides the final groups.

Pupils are given a choice form showing all the possible KAT groups that year and are asked to select 3 choices, 1 to 3, 1 being most preferred choice.

The Deputy Headteacher allocates pupils to their KATS in line with their preferences wherever possible.

Pupils who are not allocated their first choice are noted and given priority next time around.

A representative from each KAT group is selected at the end of a KAT session to attend the School Council meeting the next day – this can be a different child each time, allowing greater involvement for all. This representative feeds back to the lead on events at the KAT and any issues arising. These meetings are minuted by the elected representative from the Sixth Form.

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