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In over 35 years in teaching, working at Mountjoy gives me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction as a practitioner.  Mountjoy really is driven by its mission statement: to make a difference for tomorrow today.  Teaching here is meaningful in that it prepares students to lead as independent a future life as possible.  In no other school have I experienced the camaraderie there is here and it's a delight to see smiling faces at both ends of the day.

  • I wanted to stop thinking about disability and focus on the ability.
  • To make a different to the pupils with SEN.
  • It’s the most rewarding job I have ever had – earning the trust of our children and helping them grow in confidence and ability feels an absolute privilege.
  • I do what I do because I feel like I am making a difference in the pupils lives, in the progress they make, even the smallest things can be huge. I enjoy helping them with their life skills, helping the home life and life beyond Mountjoy. I also like that pupils can come and talk to me at any time with any problems, and I hope I am giving them the nurturing support that they require. It’s amazing to feel that I have brightened their day.
  • I’m ambitious for the children and young people I support. We should never underestimate what they can achieve.
  • Seeing children achieve and see them leave as young adults – the progress they make over time and getting best out of them.
  • Trying to facilitate the key right of communication. Knowledge is the only thing that doubles when you give it away.
  • The nurturing aspect of the job – nurturing all of our children. Love this element of the job. To address the inequality for our children. Education is a right for all children. It’s a human right.
  • I have a child with SEND and this opens up my understanding – to see the joy of children moving on and forward with abilities.
  • For all children to be the best that they can be.
  • Was a mainstream teacher (fed up with time auditing early years’ children) developed a passion for SEND for own child with SEND – developed passion stretches and encompasses other children.
  • Disillusioned with mainstream education – wanted to be able to look at progress, not attainment.
  • Because of the individuality of each child every day is special and different. Being able to make everything pertinent to them and their wellbeing.
  • A “calling” thought I wanted to be a mainstream teacher, but then saw the joy of SEND
  • It’s the Marmite job and I love Marmite
  • Like to focus on the can, not the cannot. Have to find the “lock and key”. “Lock for each child” until you find you can’t move forward with learning. “What makes them tick”
  • It’s an utter privilege.
  • Friendly, supportive staff, great team, happy.
  • It’s a special, special school
  • The leadership of the school, open door policy and care – this flows through the school.
  • I wanted to work in an environment where the impact is real and lifelong for students and families.
  • I work here because of their abilities
  • I work here because I want to make a difference to the vulnerable children and young people in our society.
  • I work here because I believe every child, especially our most vulnerable ones, deserve a learning environment that will help them achieve their full potential.
  • I do this job because I love helping the children reach their full potential and helping them learn in a way that suits their needs best.
  • I do what I do because I love my job, helping the children achieve things and seeing progress.
  • I do this job because I love working with children and helping them progress and achieve their goals.
  • I do what I do because I enjoy working with children and seeing them reach small and big achievements every day and watching them grow as individuals.
  • I enjoy working with children and helping them learn new things.
  • I enjoy helping the children achieve new things
  • I want the children to have the best education and to help them with skills that will be useful later in life.
  • I want to support them to be able to achieve whatever they want to do at school and for their future.
  • To encourage them to make progress with their communication with whatever tool they use and try out other tools wherever possible.
  • To keep them safe at all times and care for their physical and emotional needs.
  • To impart my experience with staff which may also help parents regarding a variety of challenges e.g. sensory, communication, behaviour, etc.
  • To always have a brilliant and fun day at school.
  • I want to help support each child to be happy and make progress in their work.
  • I enjoy helping and seeing the smiles on the children each day and Mountjoy has a lovely positive working environment.
  • It is a privilege and joy to help our pupils to better themselves and to see them succeed. As a TA who has worked in many different schools, the main reason is that I feel part of a team and family working at Mountjoy School.
  • To help each individual pupil experience a positive, nurturing school environment. Work with likeminded staff, supporting the pupils to progress into adulthood, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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