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National Support School

Mountjoy School is fortunate to have a team of highly skilled & motivated staff who are keen to support local schools improve and the lives and experience of special educational needs pupils.

Jackie Shanks

Hi, I am Jackie Shanks, Head teacher at Mountjoy School. This is my third Headship and I have previously been the Head teacher of both Independent and Maintained provisions for SEMH and ASD pupils. During my time in the Independent sector I also oversaw the management of five care homes.

I have taught in Mainstream, Grammar and Special settings and my lead subjects were English and PE. I have previously been an Advanced Tutor for Team Teach. I lead on Restorative Practice, therapeutic approaches to behaviour management, Mental Health difficulties in SEMH and the management of Self Harm.

My skills are predominantly around Specialist settings and the management of change culture in organisations.

I was appointed to NLE status in February 2018 and look forwards to working with you.

Tracey Page

Hi, I am Tracey page the Deputy Head Teacher at Mountjoy School, we have been running a Multi-Sensory Engagement curriculum for several years. This curriculum allows our most complex learners the opportunity to make and show progress. I can actively support others with the setting up of this type of curriculum including issues such as classroom organisation, resource and activity ideas, record keeping, evidence, assessment and data systems.

I was appointed to SLE status in February 2018 and look forward to working with you

Sarah Case

Hi, my name is Sarah Case and I am the Support Services Manager at Mountjoy School. I sit on the Senior Leadership Team and Lead on Finance, HR and Facilities. I joined Mountjoy in September 2016, prior to this I was Senior Finance Officer in a mainstream primary school.

I have experience of planning and delivering strategic initiatives in schools such as bringing services ‘in-house’ and Tendering projects in line with relevant legislation. I have dealt with complex personnel matters and can share good practice on a wide range of human resources matters.

My skills are predominantly around budget management and deploying all available resources for maximum impact whilst ensuring value for money.

I was appointed to SLE status in February 2018 and look forward to working
with you.

Sue Gurney Legg

My name is Sue Gurney-Legg and I am a Middle Leader at Mountjoy School. I have been a teacher for 32 years, 5 years in Hampshire and the rest here at Mountjoy. I lead on Outreach support for all West Dorset Mainstream Primary Schools, as part of the TADSS Outreach Team. This involves supporting the SEND pupils to be included within the mainstream environment by modelling, teaching different sensory therapeutic strategies and setting up structured environments for ASC pupils. Many schools have adapted their practise through successful in-reach and changed their schools’ ethos. I can support and inspire you to develop your sensory and therapeutic approaches in order to support and progress children and young people with SEND.

I was appointed to SLE status in February 2018 and look forward to working
with you