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07th April 2017

Yay, Jackie Shanks on the radio!  What a great interview, just in case you haven’t heard it click on the link below…..she is on at 1 hour, 23 minutes (just slide the tab along). Well done!

06th April 2017

Mountjoy pupils on Magdalen Farm video clip.  The video is on the 5th box down on the page. Mountjoy pupils are on the clip from 2 mins 50 secs.  Click on the link below.

13th March 2017

Jackie has COMPLETED her challenge!  Please support Jackie at  or donations to the Friends of Mountjoy School.  WELL DONE JACKIE.

12th March 2017

Jackie will be completing her challenge on Sunday 12th March 2017.  She has entered the Weymouth Half Marathon, this event starts at 08.30 and the location is The Pavilion, The Esplanade, Weymouth.  Jackie will already have done one half marathon in the early morning at home before travelling to Weymouth.  Go Jackie Go!!  I feel exhausted just writing this!!

12th December

BBC Spotlight News came to Mountjoy School today to film our Headteacher Jackie Shanks and some of our pupils regarding her Half Marathon Challenge.  This will be aired at 6.30 pm this evening on BBC Spotlight News.

Please support Jackie at

Jackie’s story below:

On the 2nd December I will attempt 101 half marathons in 100 days, hopefully finishing with a full marathon on the final day – which may involve the Weymouth Half Marathon.  I intend to raise money again for Cancer Research and The Friends of Mountjoy.

This will be tough – the 50 was hard, but this involves running a Half Marathon not only on Christmas day, but also New Years Day (possibly quite slowly whilst clutching my head!)

Please support me, it was you guys that kept me going last time and it is you I am again relying upon.

The total mileage is a little scary at 1323.1 miles – that is about the equivalent of me leaving home and running to Romania!

I will keep you updated on progress as I go.