Class Teachers – Bev Butcher – Caroline Pledger – Nathan Hall

Maple class is for our Key Stage 3 children. It is a fun, lively class where pupils all have the opportunity to reach their potential through differentiated and relevant tasks.

By the time our pupils reach Key Stage 3, we are encouraging them to be more independent and developing their confidence as they approach the teenage years.

The curriculum is very broad and gives each pupil the opportunity to find things out for themselves, using a range of quality resources.

It is at this stage that many of the pupils will be given inclusion opportunities with Beaminser School.  This includes joining Beaminster for music, PE, English, Maths, Food Technology and Science lessons.  Inclusion gives pupils the opportunity to socialise with their peers and experience different teaching techniques.

We aim to provide the skills they will need for their future.  With a continual emphasis on core subject areas and all aspects of the new national curriculum.

Autumn Term Timetable 2018
Autumn Term Overview 2018