Emotional Literacy Support at Mountjoy School

What is Emotional Literacy?

  • Recognising and understanding our own   feelings
  • Talking about our feelings

    This is Monty the Mountjoy monkey. He is our special ELSA puppet and has become a significant feature of some of our ELSA group sessions. He has become a confidant, a comfort and a key player in our role play games. He lives in our school nurture room.

  • Learning how to manage and express feelings appropriately
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence in social situations
  • Building and maintaining friendships
  • Knowing when and how to ask for help

               Why is it important?

  • When we feel good about ourselves, we enjoy learning
  • Emotional well-being aids concentration, memory, communication and thinking skills
  • Being emotionally literate helps us develop resilience
  • We are able to cope with anxiety
  • We learn from our friends and enjoy their company
  • Happy individuals make a happy school

How do we support Emotional Literacy?

  • We have 3 trained ELSA’s working in Mountjoy school, they work closely with the Deputy Headteacher and class teachers to select pupils who would benefit from being part of an ELSA group.
  • ELSA’s plan and deliver programmes of enjoyable activities for individuals and small groups that are appropriate for the age and stages of development.
  • The ELSA’s aim to provide a supportive and encouraging working atmosphere in which we can address specific issues which are affecting emotional and social development.
  • Sessions take place weekly for around 30 minutes and run between half a term and a term.
  • We use games, puppets and role-play as a way of exploring aspects of emotional literacy
  • Sessions are fun and meaningful for everyone. They are structured and have a clear routine which may include a small snack and a song.
  • ELSA work forms part of an individuals personal development and compliments the day-to day learning in school.