Sue Gurney-Legg- Class Teacher

The youngest children begin their time at Mountjoy School in the Nursery, where they play and settle within a small group of children and key staff.

Children can begin at Mountjoy from the age of 2 and a half years, most children attend on a part time basis in the Nursery, we encourage parents to help settle their children during their first few sessions. As children begin to develop and build confidence in the environment, they transition into the main Early Years classroom for activities throughout the day.

Children work in one of two class groups within the Early Years, children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year one play together, following the Foundation Stage curriculum, the Early Years class have their own secure play area.

As children progress they work together to a more formal approach to their learning, children in this class group follow the National Curriculum. They access play based activities at set times throughout the day.

Where children have individual therapy programmes for Physio, Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy, these are incorporated into the timetable.

Autumn Term Timetable 2018
Autumn Term Overview 2018