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Attendance Policy

Parental Responsibility Measures for School Attendance and behaviour Jan 2015

Mountjoy School recognises that punctual and regular school attendance is an essential to social inclusion and effective learning. We believe that children should attend school regularly and punctually because school plays a vital part in their learning.

We rely on our partnership with parents/ carers to ensure that this is achieved.

We would ask parents/ carers to help the school by notifying us of all absences on the first day and always to ensure that any absence is covered by a note on your child’s return to school. Any absence which is known in advance should be notified to the school in writing beforehand.

School Attendance and the Law

Under the 1996 Education Act, parents and carers are responsible for ensuring their children attend school regularly and punctually. Failure to do so could result in legal action being taken against them by the Local Authority.

The register is a legal document and schools must, under the Education (Pupil Registration)

Regulations 2006 take a register at the start of the morning session, and again during the afternoon session. Since September 2006, schools have been required to use statutory registration codes (see appendix A).

Under the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006, only the school (and not parents/carers) can authorise an absence. Where the reason for a pupil’s absence cannot be established at the time the register is taken, that absence shall be recorded as unauthorised. If a reason for absence is provided by the parent/carer, the school may decide to grant leave of absence which must be recorded as authorised using the appropriate national code.

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2013 have removed all references to family holidays and leave of absence shall not be granted unless an application had been made in advance and the head teacher considers that leave of absence should be granted due to exceptional circumstances. Head teachers no longer have the discretion to authorise up to ten days of absence. This discretion has been removed by the aforementioned Regulations (2013).

Whilst the head teacher will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis, parents must be aware that requests will normally be refused.

Where a family chooses to take a holiday during term time, the absence will be coded as unauthorised (G code) and a Penalty Notice may be issued to each parent for each child (where 5 or more days of unauthorised absence are recorded as a result).

If leave of absence is taken without the request having been agreed, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. This may result in the Local Authority issuing a Penalty Notice, in accordance with the Local Authority Code of Conduct, where there have been 10 sessions or more of unauthorised absence recorded. If this penalty is not paid the Local Authority may instigate legal proceedings against the parent/carer in the Magistrates Court.

In compliance with the Education Act 436A (Chapter 2 Part 6) the school will, after making appropriate checks, report all Children Missing from Education to the Local Authority, Education Welfare Service, who has a duty to investigate the whereabouts of such children and negotiate their prompt return to suitable education.

Attendance is celebrated through certificates for 100% attendance each half term.  Letters are sent home to support any pupils whose attendance is below 90%.

Our Family Liaison Officer is always available to support any ongoing issues.

Overall attendance for the year September 2015 – July 2016 is 93.42%