It is really important that assessment is a high priority in school. All progress is celebrated at Mountjoy School. We use a range of tools to ensure that accurate assessment is made in all areas of a pupil’s development.

Children in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and their development is tracked through the Development Matters framework,maps and B Squared. Each child has a learning journal which shows their progress and development in all areas of learning. As a child reaches the end of the Reception year, their learning journal is moderated by the Early Years Advisory team. (Learning Journals and cloud based).

Pupils in Key stages 1 to 3 are assessed using the P-Scales, MSI and B Squared for all relevant subjects. Their work over time is levelled and assessed and teachers participate in moderation activities to secure levels given.

Students in Key Stages 4 and 5 are assessed using their MAP’s the P-Scales, B Squared. Students in these Key Stages work towards external accreditation through Asdan, OCR, John Muir and D of E.

Throughout Years 2,3,4 and 5 pupils can participate in the Arts Award, at a suitable & relevant level. There are a number of students who require a sensory and physical curriculum, these students follow the MSI (Multi-Sensory Impairment) Curriculum, which links directly to the National Curriculum Subjects. The MSI Assessment tool is used where appropriate for students following an MSI curriculum.

All pupils at Mountjoy School have base line assessments.  Where it is deemed appropriate, reading tests, phonic screening and maths tests are carried out. All pupils at Mountjoy School are disapplied from Statutory testing, however if this was deemed appropriate for an individual student this would be carried out.