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Mountjoy School Aims

We aim to:

  • Make school happy and safe
  • Develop pupils communication
  • Make school a good place to learn
  • Develop spiritual, moral, cultural awareness
  • Ensure pupils have fun
  • Ensure everyone develops confidence
  • Offer a curriculum for everyone
  • Ensure pupils make progress
  • Develop learning outdoors and in the community
  • Work with parents and other people
  • Develop pupils emotional skills

School Ethos

As you walk around Mountjoy School you will understand how special our pupils are.  We are frequently told by our visitors that we have a happy, can-do culture; we encourage, motivate, challenge and foster a very real sense of belonging in all of our pupils, within a safe and secure environment.

Our pupils are caring, empathetic, honest, kind and polite.  They respect themselves and each other.  They take their learning seriously, whilst ensuring that they have lots of fun too.  They work hard to be valued and valuable to a range of communities and all the while strive to be the best that each of them can be.

Mission Statement

Making a Difference Today for Tomorrow